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When it comes to the repair of your solar power system at home or your place of business, 8MSolar’s solar panel repair technicians assure you of a prompt, high-quality, and budget-friendly solar repair service. With years of experience in the solar energy industry, we are confident enough that we can property diagnose and repair your solar installation. We also offer assistance with the Duke rebate for non-profit organizations. Get an overview of North Carolina’s solar policy!

Our solar panel repair company offers a wide range of solar energy system repair services in North Carolina. If you notice that your solar panel system is not performing as expected, our solar panel repair technicians can fully assist you in restoring its usual functioning and output. Typical solar system repair services are needed due to the following reasons:

  • System Overheat
  • Dirty or Damaged Terminals
  • Reduced Panel Efficiency
  • Down PV System That Is Not Producing Power
  • Blown Fuse, Tripped Breaker, or Broken Wires