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About us

DASSY Enterprise is an energy service company started in November 2007 by NEZERWA François d’assise, holder of master’s degree in renewable energy engineering, moreover to much professional and technical training in Renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency and energy projects management done overseas. Its head office is in Kigali City, and has 4 more selling branches. It has 12 permanent, skilled and experienced managerial and technical staff, and sales agents. DASSY Enterprise is specialized in:
- Retail, supply, installation, commissioning, capacity building/ training of users (or operators) and maintenance of all kind of solar energy technologies;
- Carrying out engineering designs, procurement, consultancies, technical services and implementation of projects for benefit of industrial users, household, institutional users;
- Solar-powered equipment for the agriculture and livestock sector development.

To-date, it has served over 12,000 end-users (households, businesses, schools, Churches, NGOs, SACCOs, farmers’ cooperatives, etc.)In various equipment, services and projects.

For its endeavors and achievements, DASSY Enterprise has received following recognitions and awards:
- SEED Awards (2011) by Seed Initiative,
- Terimbere Challenge Finalist (2011) by BiD Network,
- People's Choice Sankalp Awards (2014) by Intellecap.
- Semi-finalist of the Rwandan outstanding Entrepreneur (2015) by INKOMOKO.

Deploying of the state-of-art, tailor-made, affordable, environment-friendly and reliable off-grid solar energy solutions for rural electrification.

“Becoming the nationwide market leader in solar energy solutions”.