Our solutions

     Solar energy is the most clean, tailor-made, state-of-art, reliable and efficient alternative energy solution.

  1.  Dassy has a great range of solar products: suitable to all people’s needs and income’s categories:
  • People at the Base-of-Pyramid: Low-cost solar lights and lighting kits
  • Middle incomes households and businesses: Solar home systems
  • Community-based institutions:  Micro grid systems.


  • Sun King Pro 


  • Affordable Solar Light!
  • Also for charging your phone
  • The whole evening free light






  • Sun King Home Plus


  • Free solar light for your home
  • Up to 3 different lighting  points
  • All so for charging phones
  • Very price competative!

Solar home system

SHS1_sri Lanka_Naps Systems

  • Electricity in your whole house!
  • For lighting, charging phones, using television etc.
  • Affordable  electricity on any time any place you want
  • Totally independant from the electricity grid

2Other affordable solutions:

  • Solar water heaters (chauffe-eau solaire):

forte slow tta




  • Hot water from free sunlights
  • Affordable, reliable and easy to maintain
  • No expenses on hot water





  • Improved cooking stoves (foyers ameliorés):





  • Saves you money up to 1000 rwf/day
  • Stays clean with easy ash-tray
  • Cooks faster at 1000°C
  • Lights fast and easily
  • Protects the environment




  • Micro-grid for remote off-grid villages


  • Mini-Grid-Sunny-Island-Picture1
    • Free and renewable sunlight as the power source for every communities.
    • Easy  to maintain, affordable and reliable
    • Electrical power 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Solar street light




  • Free electrical light by solar energy
  • All night long outdoor light
  • At any place and any time you want!
  • More safety during the night
  • Low investment




  • Solar Fridge





  • Solar refridgerator for keeping your food and drinks cold!
  •  No electricity from the grid needed
  • Working 24 hours a day, even without sunlight
  • Affordable en comfortable




  • Solar System sliding gate opener





  • Automatically opening your sliding gate
  • On solar energy
  • Also working at night and when overcast
  • Including remote control